Xu Strings is a boutique, full-service repair shop that specializes in electronics and fretwork. Upgrades, installations, maintenance, structural repairs and minor cosmetic work are all covered. We also love projects just as much as you do, so even if you get stuck on yours, we don't mind fixing that next step for you at a reasonable cost.

Due to the many guitar-to-guitar differences and the many different services offered, it is very difficult to have set prices for everything. So, much like an automotive shop, almost all work is charged at a fixed rate of $50 per hour. However, listed below are some starting prices for some common services. There may be an upcharge for floating tremolos, extended range guitars or 12-stringed instruments, maple fingerboards or other features, depending on the service. New strings or other new parts are not included in these prices unless stated. Xu Strings reserves the right to price at its discretion, and sometimes an estimate can't be made until the instrument has been examined. Please ask for an estimate!

Xu Strings is a dealer for many brands and can get good prices on many products, including:

LR Baggs Preferred Dealer - Pyramid Strings - Ernie Ball Strings - Oasis Humidifiers - Fishman
Nordstrand - Aguilar - Bartolini - Audere Audio - Floyd Rose - Graphtech Labs - Hipshot

We can probably open for most manufacturers, so feel free to ask if you want products from brands not listed.


Acoustic, electric or bass

This is your typical guitar 'tune-up.' This is the service that will fix most high string height issues ('action') and really make your guitar feel like it's meant to be played.

Strings are changed, neck relief, string action and intonation are adjusted. Nut and saddle heights are checked and filed if necessary. All hardware is checked and tightened. Electronics are tested. Pickup height adjustment is included on request. Add fretboard, body and bridge cleaning and conditioning for $10. Add a fret polish for $20. 12-strings guitars, extended range instruments and floating tremolo instruments may be additional.

Setups come with a 30-day free adjustment period. Sometimes the guitar's neck will shift, or strings will further stretch and the guitar will not be how it left the shop a few days later. Sometimes you just decide you'd like the action a little lower, or maybe it's just too low and it's buzzing too much. Bring it back, and we'll fix it how you like it!

Full Refret
Acoustic, electric or bass

The ultimate factor that determines how well a guitar can play and how low string action can go is how level the frets are, and how uniformly they are radiused. If frets have been worn too severely, they cannot even be leveled, in which case the instrument will require a complete refret. Frets are most commonly brass, however stainless steel frets are well-loved at Xu Strings for their ultra-smooth feel and greatly extended fret life. Stainless is much more difficult to work with and also harder on tools, so there is a $100 upcharge on guitars ($150 for bass). Xu Strings has been doing SS refrets since day 1 and you won't find a better price in the area.

All frets are removed and for non-lacquered fingerboards, the fingerboard is planed to a uniform radius, then new frets are installed. Frets are pressed-in when possible. Fret ends are then re-profiled and leveled. A full fret level is then performed as well as crowning and polishing, and then a full setup is done.


Full Fret Level
Acoustic, electric or bass

This service will correct almost all issues with buzzing, as well as remove all of the divots in the fretwire. There must be ample fret height to do a good level, else a refret will be required.

Frets are leveled under simulated string-tension, radiused to the guitar's fretboard (or other radius, upon request). Frets are then crowned and polished. A setup is then performed after. New strings highly recommended.

String Change
Acoustic, electric or bass

Old strings are removed, new strings are then installed, stretched and tuned. Since many players have their string brand of choice, strings are not included in the price, but Xu Strings is a proud Pyramid String dealer!

Pyramid Strings - Only the finest! Handmade and imported from Germany.

Maximum Performance Pure Nickel Electric Strings - $15
.009-.046w, .010-.048w, .011-.048w
These strings are for electric guitars and round-wound. Pure nickel gives them a warm, musical sound and great feel on the fingers.

Gold - Pure Nickel Flatwound Electric Strings - $25
These strings are flat-wound, unlike typical guitar strings. These are slick on the fingers and have an unmistakable timbre. They are like jazz-magic on archtops and semi-hollows, but also bring a different dimension to solid-bodies.

Premium Bronze Round Wound Acoustic Strings - $15
.011-.050w, .012-.052w, .013-.056w
These are premium strings for acoustic. The bronze-zinc ratio and premium materials give these strings a very warm voice that are a pleasure to hear and pleasure to play.

Silver Plated Round Wound Acoustic Strings - $12
.011-.050w, .012-.052w
These strings are the ultimate in the airy, stringy tone without sacrificing bass. These strings will brighten up any guitar and give you that studio acoustic tone in person.

Hand Polished Acoustic Phosphor Bronze - $20
.011-.050w, .012-.054w, .012-.056w
These strings are like the Premium Bronze Round Wound acoustic strings, except they are half-polished for a unique timbre and reduced string noise when sliding your fingers across the strings. Treat your fingers to a set!



Xu Strings is a licensed, home-based business, located in Shady Grove. While I pride myself on my work, I do have a day-job that I have to work around.

I operate by appointment only, so please call, text or e-mail for a quote, or to arrange to drop off your instrument. Right now, evenings and weekends work best, but check the Facebook page for open days.

Phone: 240-475-6789
Location: 722 Garden View Way, Unit H, Rockville, MD 20850

My shop is currently in the apartment building listed above. Parking is anywhere along the street. If you are simply dropping off or picking up an instrument, you can park in front of the building for a couple minutes.


View from the front of the building.


Come up the stairs to the second floor.


Look for my logo on the second door to the left.


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