Welcome to Xu Strings' webpage! Xu Strings is dedicated to giving you the best quality guitar and bass repair possible and provides many services related to instruments at affordable prices. Upgrades, installations, maintenance, cosmetic work and repairs are all covered!
  Pricing Schedule

Due to the many guitar-to-guitar differences and the many different services offered, it is very difficult to have set prices for everything. So, much like an automotive shop, almost all work is charged at a fixed rate of $50 per hour. Please call or e-mail for an estimate!

However, listed below are some starting prices for some common services. There may be an upcharge for floating tremolos, extended range guitars or 12-stringed instruments, maple fingerboards or other features, depending on the service. New strings or other new parts are not included in these prices unless stated. Xu Strings reserves the right to price at its discretion, but these are common prices. Please ask for an estimate if you are not sure!



String Change

(Acoustic, electric or bass)

Old strings removed, new strings installed, stretched and tuned.



(Acoustic, electric or bass)

This is your typical guitar 'tune-up.' This is the service that will fix most high string height issues and really make your guitar feel like it's meant to be played.

Strings changed. Neck relief, string action and intonation adjusted. Nut and saddle height checked and filed if necessary. All hardware checked and tightened. Electronics tested. Pickup height adjustment included on request.

Add fretboard/body and bridge cleaning and conditioning for $10.

Full Fret Level

(Acoustic, electric or bass)

The biggest limitation to getting low action as well as fret buzz is how level the frets are. This service will correct almost all issues with buzzing as well as removal of the divots in the fretwire. There must be ample fret height to do a good level, else a refret will be required.

All frets leveled under simulated string-tension, radiused to the guitar's fretboard (or other radius, upon request). Frets are crowned and polished. A setup is then performed after. New strings highly recommended.

Full Refret

(Acoustic, electric or bass)

Frets are most commonly brass, however stainless steel frets are well-loved at Xu Strings for their ultra-smooth feel and greatly extended fret life. Stainless is much more difficult to work with and much harder on tools, so there is a $100 upcharge on guitars ($150 for bass). Xu Strings has been doing SS refrets since day 1 and you won't find a better price in the area.

All frets are removed and for non-lacquered fingerboards, the fingerboard is planed to a uniform radius, then frets are installed. Frets are pressed-in when possible. Fret ends are re-profiled and leveled. A full fret level is then performed as well as crowning and polishing, and then a full setup is done.


These are just a handful of the many different services offered. Xu Strings specializes in electronics work and fretwork. We also love projects just as much as you do, so if you get stuck, we don't mind fixing that next step for you at a reasonable cost.

Xu Strings is a dealer for many brands and can get good prices on many products.

LR Baggs Preferred Dealer
Pyramid Strings
Oasis Humidifiers
Audere Audio
Floyd Rose
Graphtech Labs

We can probably open for most manufacturers, so feel free to ask if you want products from brands not listed.


Xu Strings is a licensed, home-based business, located right next to the Wheaton Mall. While I pride myself on my work, I do have a day-job that I have to work around.

Please call, text or e-mail for a quote, or to arrange an appointment to drop off your instrument. Right now, evenings and weekends work best.

Phone: 240-475-6789
Location: 10914 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20902

My shop is currently in the apartment building listed above. You can pull into the building and park in one of the Future Resident parking spots for up to 30 minutes to drop off your instrument. If you would like to wait for your instrument, you must park at 11006 Veirs Mill Rd, Wheaton, MD 20902 across from the LA Fitness. The exact parking lot location is here (39.035473, -77.050915). You will turn off of Veirs Mill Road and into the Westfield Shopping Mall circle (it goes around the mall) and make a left onto the circle. The LA Fitness will be on your left, and rather than make a left into the parking lot in front of it, you will make a right into the parking lot. It is a quick one-minute walk to the apartment building.



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